Hello, we’re Kathi and Romeo.

We’re in our mid late twenties, we’re in love with Vienna and journalism. We love to travel, we love adventures and our life. We travel with passion, we love bizarre meetings, oriental food and freedom. And we love individuality.

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„Sommertage“ (in English: “summer days”) is our personal blog. We share our passion for travelling and photography. For adventure, near and far away. For stories, meetings, people. Our blog is a place for inspiration, for opinions and thoughts, a place for individual travels and stunning pictures.

„And where do you go during the winter?“
That’s when “summer days” are coming to us. “Summer days” are created in our mind. They’re a metaphor for optimism, euphoria and freedom. Because that’s what traveling is all about.

„Do you always travel together?“
Yes, we have been asked this question from times to times. Most of the time we travel together, yes. Why? Because we love to share our emotions, the good as well as the bad ones. Furthermore, we love to capture the moments together.


And now please tell us: Who are you?

You’re probably looking for:
… inspiring pictures from all parts of the world.
… stories, stories, stories. And the stories beyond!
… videos that beat your wanderlust blues.

Was that a yes? Well, you can stay here! Because that’s what this blog is all about. And before anyone asks: We’re neither backpackers, nor flashpackers. We don’t like being categorized. We are we. We’re individuals. And you are you. What seems so be the best for us is not necessarily the best for you. Which is good, though. We just want you to make the best out of your travels. We don’t want to tell you how or where you should go. But we want to show you how to fill your life with memorable travel experiences.

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Kathi speaking of Romeo: „The calm one, always optimistic, individualist and hates tomatoes. Romeo is the one with a truly bad sense of direction and the one who never owns a city map. I don’t know anyone who can be so enthusiastic and lethargic at the same time like him.

That’s what Romeo says: I agree with everything, but I won’t accept the “bad sense of direction”. And: Tomatoes are only disgusting when they are fresh. Ketchup is fine.”


KathiRomeo speaking of Kathi: Always looking for something special. Perfectionist and scared cat. A push in the right direction makes a huge difference. She is hard to stop when things are going well.

That’s what Kathi says: Yes, yes and yes. What I would like to add: I love cheesecake, caffeine, The Beatsteaks, yoga and thoughtful people. Intolerance is a no-go.

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