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The Top 12 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok: Our Tips

We reckon no trip to Bangkok’s complete without hitting up a rooftop bar. For us, Bangkok is definitely the city of rooftop bars. Every time we’re in Bangkok, having a cocktail at a sky bar is a must-do. There’s something epic about being above this buzzing city, watching the sunset.

Over time, we’ve checked out a fair number of rooftop bars in Bangkok and we’re excited to share our top favourites with you. We’ve packed all our tips into this article, so you can plan your sky bar visit like a pro.

1. Skybar at the Top of Lebua State Tower (THE Hangover Bar)

The classic of rooftop bars in Bangkok is the “Sirocco” restaurant’s bar in Lebua at State Tower. Ever since the golden-domed restaurant featured in Hangover 2, the number of guests has been skyrocketing each year.

And so have the prices: On each visit, we’ve noticed the drinks getting pricier, now reaching pretty steep rates. Expect to shell out at least 35 euros for a cocktail.

From the 63rd floor, the view over Bangkok is nothing short of spectacular. The downside? Every time we’ve been there, it’s been absolutely packed. Photo ops are limited to specific spots, and the whole atmosphere feels a bit overhyped. Still, the view is breathtaking and remains one of our favourite rooftop bars in Bangkok.

Quick Info for Skybar in Lebua State Tower

Address: 1055 State Tower, Silom Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Getting There: The easiest way is by taxi, but the nearest BTS station (Saphan Taksin) is only a 10-minute walk away.
Website: Skybar in Lebua State Tower

2. “Breeze” Rooftop Bar in Lebua State Tower

A few floors down from the famed Skybar in Lebua at State Tower, we find ourselves feeling much more at ease at the “Breeze” restaurant’s bar. It’s noticeably less crowded here, offering a far more relaxed atmosphere.

We prefer enjoying our cocktails right at the bar, watching the staff whip up drinks. Unlike the “Sirocco’s” Sky Bar, grabbing a spot at the bar in “Breeze” is generally easier. The vibe is spot-on: There’s a lovely waterfall and soothing lounge music playing in the background. We also think it’s pretty neat that you’re welcomed with a warm cotton refreshment towel.

But, fair warning, the prices at this rooftop bar are also on the high side, so it’s not exactly wallet-friendly.

Quick Info for the “Breeze” Skybar

Address: 1055 State Tower, Silom Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Getting There: The closest BTS station (Saphan Taksin) is just a 10-minute walk away, but a taxi ride is the most convenient option.
Website: Skybar Breeze

3. “Seen Rooftop Bar” at the Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel

The “Seen Rooftop Bar” (formerly Attitude Rooftop Bar) is among Bangkok’s newer sky bars. Located atop the Avani Riverside Hotel, it sits a bit outside the city centre, across the Chao Phraya River. This bar is strikingly positioned close to the river, offering a fab view of the city and the mighty Chao Phraya.

Price-wise, the “Seen Rooftop Bar” is pretty reasonable, especially considering what you get: Cocktails are around 500 Baht, plus service charge and taxes. Nuts/chips are served with the drinks. The ambience is quite stylish. A special shout-out to the staff here, who were exceptionally friendly and accommodating.

Quick Info for the “Seen Rooftop Bar”

Address: 257/1-3 Charoennakorn Road, Thonburi, 10600, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There: There’s no MRT or BTS station within walking distance. Our tip: The hotel offers a free shuttle boat that runs regularly from the BTS station Saphan Taksin to the hotel.
Website: Seen Rooftop Bar

Attitude Rooftopn Bar
Avani Bangkok Rooftop Bar

4. “ZOOM Sky Bar” at the JC Kevin Sathorn Hotel

The “Zoom Sky Bar” is perched on the 40th floor of the JC Kevin Sathorn Hotel. We’ve found it to be less crowded than many other rooftop bars, probably because it’s quite spacious. One of the highlights is the 360-degree view of Bangkok that you get.

The music was pretty cool (one time there was even a DJ), but the atmosphere was a bit subdued, likely due to the bar’s size compared to the number of people there. The drink prices are more affordable compared to similar rooftop bars. We spent just over 20 euros for two cocktails.

Quick Info for the “ZOOM Sky Bar”

Address: 10 Khwaeng Yan Nawa, Khet Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There: The nearest BTS station (Chong Nonsi) is about a 10-minute walk away.
Website: ZOOM Sky Bar

Anantara Bangkok Skybar
Anantara Bangkok Rooftop

5. “The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar” at the Muse Hotel

A bit of a hidden gem, the “Speakeasy Rooftop Bar” is nestled in the incredibly stylish Muse Hotel. The entire hotel has a 1930s feel, and the Speakeasy is no exception: even the staff’s attire takes you back in time. While the view from the 24th floor might not be as jaw-dropping as other Bangkok sky bars, the chill vibe more than makes up for it.

Spread over two levels, you’ll find a quaint, discreet staircase leading up to the rooftop terrace, offering great seating and views in all directions. A bonus: the bar is covered, so you can still enjoy the ambience when it rains.

The prices are fair: around 800 Baht, a bit over 20 euros, for two cocktails, and they always come with roasted peanuts. Our verdict: Highly recommended, especially if you’re after a bit of a different rooftop bar.

Quick Info for “The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar”

Address: 55/555 Langsuan Road, Lumpini, 10330, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There: The closest BTS station (Chit Lom) is about a 10-minute walk away.
Website: The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar

Muse Bangkok
Muse Hotel Bangkok Rooftop
Speakeasy Bangkok

6. “Sala Rattanakosin” Rooftop Bar with a View of Wat Arun

The rooftop bar at Sala Rattanakosin Hotel is a fantastic spot to catch a sunset. Its highlight? The view of the majestic Wat Arun. Watching the sun dip behind the temple is truly a sight to behold!

The bar itself is nice, though not incredibly flashy. Seating is limited, so without a booking, you might need a bit of luck to snag a spot.

As expected from such a prime location, the drink prices aren’t cheap, but reasonable. We paid about 800 Baht for two cocktails. Our verdict: Just the breathtaking view of Wat Arun makes it well worth a visit.

Quick Info for the “Sala Rattanakosin” Rooftop Bar

Address: 39 Maha Rat Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Getting There: The bar is very close to Wat Pho. You can take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tha Tien station, from where it’s just a 3-minute walk. Alternatively, take the MRT to Sanam Chai station, which is about a 10-minute walk away.
Website: Sala Rattanakosin Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Bars Bangkok

7. “Moon Bar” on Top of the Banyan Tree Hotel

The “Moon Bar” at the Banyan Tree Hotel offers a spectacular 360-degree view of Bangkok. The bar itself is on a rather small area, with a steep drop all around, which we find quite unique. However, we feel that the bar has aged a bit and its interiors don’t quite match up to the city’s newer bars.

Our cocktails – a Mojito and a Lychee Martini – were top-notch. We paid around 1,400 THB. Unlike other rooftop bars in Bangkok, the “Moon Bar” serves three types of nuts with every order. The vibe here is more lively compared to, say, “Breeze”, as it’s less spacious and you’re in closer quarters with other guests.

Quick Info for the “Moon Bar”

Address: 21/ S, 100 S Sathorn Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Getting There: The nearest MRT station (“Lumphini”) is about a 10-minute walk away.
Website: Moon Bar

8. “Above Eleven” at the Top of Fraser Suites Sukhumvit

Here’s another insider tip! On every visit, we’ve always felt right at home at “Above Eleven” on the Fraser Suites Sukhumvit rooftop.

The atmosphere is brilliant – not too posh, more casual and relaxed. There’s a mix of high tables and comfy sofas. And the best part: it’s great for rainy days too, thanks to a covered area, a feature we’ve seen in only a few other rooftop bars.

Free peanuts are served with drinks. The prices are really fair: Cocktails are about 350 to 400 Baht, and a Singha beer is 230 Baht (each plus service charge and tax).

Quick Info for “Above Eleven”

Address: 38/8 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Vadhana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Getting There: The nearest BTS station (Nana) is about a 10-minute walk away.
Website: Above Eleven

9. “Three Sixty Lounge” on Top of the Millennium Hilton

The view from the 32nd floor of the Millennium Hilton Hotel over the Chao Phraya River is undeniably fantastic. While not as high as those in the Lebua Hotel, it still impresses. They have an indoor area, which we didn’t check out – rooftop bars don’t usually do it for us from the inside.

The prices are quite steep, especially considering the ambiance is stylish but not overly elegant. Unfortunately, they don’t do happy hour.

Quick Info for the “Three Sixty Lounge” Skybar

Address: 123 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There: There’s no MRT or BTS station close by. You can either take a taxi or use the hotel’s own boat from the Saphan Taksin station.
Website: Three Sixty Lounge

360 rooftop bar hilton bangkok

10. “Octave Rooftop” on Top of the Marriott Hotel

The Octave Rooftop Bar, perched atop the Marriott Hotel in Sukhumvit, scales impressive heights, spanning floors 45 to 49.

If you’re planning a visit, remember there are loads of Marriott Hotels in Bangkok. So, if you’re catching a taxi, it’s best to have the address at hand.

The view from the top is nothing short of spectacular – provided it’s not raining. In bad weather, you’ll have to settle for the less atmospheric indoor area.

On a clear day, the Octave Rooftop Bar is one of our top picks regarding the views. Naturally, that’s when it gets pretty busy, so pop in early to grab a good spot. (Heads up: The bar doesn’t open until 5 PM).

Quick Info for the Octave Rooftop Bar

Address: 45/F, Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, 2 Sukhumvit Soi 57, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There: The nearest BTS station (Thong Lo) is about a 5-minute walk away.
Website: Octave Rooftop Bar

Octave Rooftop Bangkok

11. “Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant” on Top of the Pullman G Hotel

The Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant, as the name suggests, is primarily a restaurant located on the 37th floor of the Pullman G Hotel. Dining happens indoors, while the outside area serves as the bar. It’s covered, which might dampen the mood a bit but is handy for rainy days.

The view from Scarlett Bar is lovely, facing the Chao Phraya River, though it’s not 360 degrees. For a full panoramic view, you’ll need to head to a different bar. The prices are reasonable and lower than top-spots like Sirocco or Moon Bar.

Quick Info for the “Scarlett Bar”

Address: 188 Si Lom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There: The nearest BTS station (“Chong Nonsi”) is about a 10-minute walk away.
Website: Scarlett Wine Bar

Skybars Bangkok best View

12. Mahanakhon Skywalk & Rooftop Bangkok

Bangkok’s second tallest building houses one of the city’s newest attractions: a glass-bottomed skywalk at a dizzying 310 meters. There’s a bar right next to it. However, since most people come for the skywalk, the atmosphere in the bar isn’t particularly outstanding, in our opinion.

But the view is absolutely fantastic, probably the best you can find in all of Bangkok. We visited before sunset and highly recommend that timing. The rooftop area also includes a fancy indoor restaurant named Mahanakhon Skybar, which we haven’t tried.

Quick Info for the Mahanakhon Skywalk & Rooftop Bangkok

Admission: As the focus here is on the skywalk, there’s an entry fee. It costs 880 Baht.
Address: 114 Narathiwas Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Getting There: The closest BTS station (Chong Nonsi) is just a few minutes’ walk away.
Website: Mahanakhon Skywalk & Rooftop Bar

Maha Nakhon Viewpoint

Our Tips for Visiting a Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

Dress Code: Is There One?

YES, many rooftop bars in Bangkok have a dress code! Generally, the more exclusive and pricier the bar, the fancier you should dress. You can usually find the specific dress code on the bar’s website.

For gents, playing it safe means no flip-flops or open shoes, no shorts, and no sleeveless shirts. A long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, and closed shoes are always a safe bet. For ladies, the dress code is less stringent. A dress and sandals are fail-safe choices. Maybe bring something to throw on too, as many rooftop bars in Bangkok are quite high up and can get breezy.

If there’s a dress code, stick to it. We’ve often seen guests turned away for not dressing appropriately.

Best Time to Visit?

Bangkok’s skyline is stunning at night, but we highly recommend visiting just before sunset. This way, you can enjoy the changing light: the daytime view, the (hopefully) stunning sunset, and the night-time scene.

An early visit can also mean happy hour deals, like at the Octave Rooftop Bar. But beware, popular bars like the Sky Bar in Lebua State Tower can get crowded around sunset.

What About Rain?

The dilemma with many sky bars in Bangkok is that they partially close during rain, directing guests to the air-conditioned indoor areas. For instance, the indoor area at Sirocco is overcrowded, and you can’t even enjoy the view. The same goes for the Octave Rooftop Bar.

Good news: Some bars have great covered areas, so you don’t have to move indoors, like Above Eleven or the Speakeasy Rooftop Bar.

New Year’s Eve in a Rooftop Bar

Spending New Year’s Eve in Bangkok is special. We once celebrated at Above Eleven after much deliberation.

Be aware: It’s expensive. Above Eleven charged 2,000 Baht entry, including two drinks, which was on the lower end. Other bars charged up to 4,000 Baht or more.

Expect the bars to be extremely crowded and don’t anticipate a grand fireworks display. In Asia, New Year is celebrated differently, so the fireworks tradition isn’t as strong as in Europe. Still, we had a great time at Above Eleven.

More Travel Tips for Bangkok

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Disclaimer: Affiliate Links

This blog post contains our personal recommendations in the form of affiliate links. Which means if you book or purchase something via these links, you still pay the same (nothing changes for you) — while we receive a small commission for sharing! So it really means a lot to us and we want to say a massive thank you from us both!

Which rooftop bars in Bangkok would you recommend? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your favourite sky bar in Bangkok!


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