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Where to Stay in Bangkok: Accommodation for Every Budget

Perhaps you are currently in a position most of us have been in: you are travelling to Bangkok for the first time and have absolutely no idea in which area, let alone in which hotel, you should stay in. Don’t worry, we’re going to help you with that, the metropolis of Bangkok can be dauntingly disorienting at first.

Bangkok is huge and it is not easy to find your way around here. There’s no typical city centre either, which can be rather odd for some. In the meantime, we have been to Bangkok countless times and reveal in this article our insider tips for hotels in Bangkok with an array of prices for different budgets. Plus, we will include our recommendations for the best districts in Bangkok for accommodation.

We have personally stayed at all of the hotels we’ve listed here, so you can trust that our experiences are real and authentic.

1. In which district should I stay overnight?

Bangkok has more than 8 million inhabitants and there are so many parts to the city and neighbourhoods that you quickly become disoriented and lost. If you’re planning on staying in Bangkok, then the following areas are good places to consider:

Khao San Road / Banglamphu

The most famous backpacker mile in Bangkok, called Khao San Road, is located in northern Bangkok, more specifically in Banglamphu district. Banglamphu is what you might call Bangkok’s “Old Town”. (Do not try to compare it to a European-style old town.)

Many who come to Bangkok for the first time will stroll down Khao San Road. Personally, we are not big fans of this street, which is now a huge entertainment sector for Western tourists. Here you meet more tourists than Thais and in the evening you can hardly relax thanks to loud music. An alternative to the overcrowded Khao San Road is the quieter Rambuttri Road. If you leave Khao San Road and head north, you will also get to the original Banglamphu, which really has its charms.

Banglamphu does not have connections to the skytrain (= BTS). You will find that this can be rather tedious, especially during rush hour as the streets of Bangkok are terribly congested. What happens then, is that you find yourself dependent on the expensive Tuk Tuk, which are indeed a bit more flexible in traffic. An alternative is the Chao Phraya Express boats: the pier (Phra Arthit station) is about a 10-minute walk from Khao an Road.

The advantages of Banglamphu: Two of Bangkok’s main temples, the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, are only about a 10-minute taxi ride away. You can even walk to these temples if you feel like it. 

The neighbourhood around Khao San Road is suitable for you if you:

  • are a (low-budget) backpacker on the go.
  • like to party and don’t mind the loud music.
  • Like to stay in tourist areas: as nowhere else do you have the chance to meet so many travellers in Bangkok than here.
Khao San Road Tipps


In addition to Banglamphu, Siam is one of the most popular neighbourhoods to stay in Bangkok. For the main part, this is mostly due to the fact that Siam is home to countless shopping malls of “modern Bangkok“. In addition, the two Skytrain lines do intersect here, so you are well connected to public transport.

However, some Bangkok attractions are not connected to the Skytrain (BTS) or MRT, such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. From Siam you can at least take the Skytrain to the river (Saphan Taksin Station) and then reach both temples on the Chao Phraya Express boat.

Although Siam itself is dominated by skyscrapers, there are also quiet corners. The LiT Bangkok Hotel for example (details below) is situated in a quiet side street far away from the hustle and bustle.

Recommended Hotel in Siam (detailed review below):

The district of Siam is suitable for you, if you:

  • want to do a lot of shopping in Bangkok.
  • would like to stay in a more “western” area.
  • Think you’ll be taking the Skytrain to get around a lot.
Siam Bangkok

Silom & Sathorn Road

The Silom district is quite spacious and there is no clear boundary to distinguish it from the others. Along the Silom Road and the Sathorn Road (also called Sathon Road) there are a lot of hotels located between the river bank and Lumphini Park. Since the area happens to be the financial centre of Bangkok, this district is characterised by skyscrapers. Many hotels (mostly 4- and 5-star hotels) are also located here amongst its high-rise buildings.

Apart from the direct Skytrain connection, there is not so much to discover in Silom as in other parts of Bangkok. In the northeastern part of Silom near the station “Saladaeng” is also Patpong, the notorious red light district of Bangkok and night market. Further east, you will find  another tourist attraction located here: it’s a Hindu temple called Sri Maha Mariamman, which we often like to visit. 

Despite the fact that many say Silom is not suitable for newcomers in Bangkok, we cannot whole heartedly agree with that. We enjoy the direct Skytrain connection and find all the hotels we stayed in just great. In addition, when travelling in Bangkok, the distances are usually always rather large so having connection to a few more Skytrain Stations doesn’t make a huge difference.

Hotels in Silom that we can recommend (detailed reviews below):

The district of Silom is suitable for you, if you:

  • Are looking for a strategic base to explore the entire city. As you are relatively close to the pier (Saphan Taksin), you can actually reach the Grand Palace and Wat Arun by boat, starting from the pier. With the Skytrain you are also not far from the big shopping centres in Siam (e.g MBK, Siam Centre etc.)
  • Do not mind that there are no major tourist highlights in Silom itself.
  • You want to see the night district of Patpong (Tip: Silom is relatively spacious and the night district is located at the station “Saladaeng”).
Silom Road Bangkok


One of the neighbourhoods we recently discovered is Sukhumvit. More specifically, we are referring to the entire area around the two BTS stations “Nana” and “Asok”. The busy Sukhumvit Road is one of Bangkok’s main highways. Here the traffic is hella crazy. But you can quickly escape the hustle and bustle by hiding away in the small streets (Sois).

In Sukhumvit, you will find some International Hotel chains, but also a good variety of individual hotels. One of our favourite small boutique hotels, the Tints of Blue Hotel (details below), is located in Sukhumvit.

Sukhumvit is one of the most popular nightlife spots in Bangkok. Here you will find numerous bars, pubs and restaurants. The not-so-beautiful side of Sukhumvit can be found in the notorious “Soi Cowboy“, the most famous red light district in Sukhumvit.

One of Bangkok’s most popular shopping malls is also in Sukhumvit: the huge Terminal 21 is designed in an airport style and the floors are therefore known worldwide for famous destinations.

Recommended Hotel in Sukhumvit (detailed review below):

The district Sukhumvit is suitable for you, if you:

  • Like the hectic big city feeling.
  • Want to go out in the evenings: Some well-known rooftop bars, like the Octave Rooftop Bar, are located in Sukhumvit.
  • Don’t mind the fact that you are relatively far away from the river and the main temples.
Octave Rooftop Bangkok

2. Hotel Tips for Luxury Hotels in Bangkok

Room rate: At least 150 euros per night

The W Hotel Bangkok

W Hotel Bangkok is a luxury hotel with a stylish flair. According to the “W Hotel Chain”, great emphasis is placed on design and extravagance. The W Hotel is – like most of the large hotels in Silom – a skyscraper. This means that if you are lucky, you will enjoy a great view of the city.

We booked the second highest room standard (“Spectacular”) and from this room, we were able to enjoy a great view of Bangkok. Our double room was huge and the bed was incredibly comfortable. The pool is unfortunately not an infinity pool, as many hotels in this price range tend to offer, but you can enjoy underwater music – that’s pretty cool, right?

The breakfast is a dream: From Quiche Lorraine over multiple varieties of yoghurt in the jar, donuts, pancakes, muffins, the most delicious fruits, dozens of hot dishes, different types of bread, juices in small glass bottles and a cereal bar was everything you could ask for. There are also a variety of hot dishes to cater for different cultures (for example, Asian food).

The location of W Hotel Bangkok

The W Hotel Bangkok is located in the Silom district, just off the well-known Sathorn Road, a 3-minute walk from BTS Chong Nonsi Station. So you can reach all destinations along the BTS and the MRT very quickly.

For whom is the W Hotel Bangkok suitable for?

We would recommend W Hotel Bangkok if you are looking for a very modern and stylish hotel in Bangkok that stands out from the crowd. If you like living in traditional hotels then the W Hotel Bangkok is not suitable.

You can book the hotel here: W Hotel Bangkok

W Hotel Bangkok Tipps
Unterkunft Tipps Bangkok
Zimmer W Hotel Bangkok

Anantara Bangkok Riverside

Anantara Bangkok Riverside is the perfect hotel for you if you want to escape the big city chaos in Bangkok. The hotel is located outside the city centre right on the Chao Phraya River. It’s not a skyscraper – like many hotels in Bangkok – but a flourishing, green oasis. The design at Anantara Bangkok Riverside is very traditional.

We have stayed at Anantara Bangkok Riverside three times now, in both the cheapest room standard and the one with river views. We found both room standards lived up to their expectation and the beds are a dream – we rarely sleep that blissfully. The breakfast buffet has an incredibly huge variety. You can even have breakfast on the terrace whilst overlooking the river, in which you have to get used to the high temperatures and humidity of Bangkok, of course.

The location of Anantara Bangkok Riverside

The hotel is located in the south of Bangkok right on the Chao Phraya River. There is no BTS / Skytrain or MRT station nearby, but the hotel offers its own shuttle boat, which runs quite regularly. This brings you to the station “Saphan Taksin” (travel time about 10 minutes) and in the evening to the Asian Night Market. At the station “Saphan Taksin” you can change to the Skytrain or the Chao Phraya Express boats.

For whom is the Anantara Bangkok Riverside suitable for?

We would recommend Anantara Bangkok Riverside to anyone looking for peace and quiet in the hotel. The hotel is a true tropical oasis and the hectic Bangkok immediately moves into the distance as soon as you enter the hotel. For families it is also very suitable, because the pool is huge and the children would feel very at home here.

You can book the hotel here: Anantara Bangkok Riverside

Luxushotel Tipp Bangkok
Anantara Hotel Bangkok

3. Hotel Tips for High Class Hotels in Bangkok

Room rate: Between 100 and 150 euros per night

The Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok is – as the name suggests – directly on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The Chatrium is comparably one of the more affordable 5-star hotels in Bangkok, but cannot quite keep up with the Anantara or the W Hotel, which is why we have lowered it down a standard.

The Chatrium is a typical “high-rise hotel”. The great thing here is that you can enjoy amazing river views from certain rooms. We were in the “Grand Room Skyline River View” category, which are located on the higher floors, so the view is stunning. Our room was also huge and super comfortable with 60m².

The Breakfast boasts a huge variety with everything your heart desires, from sushi to desserts. Perhaps the only point of criticism we could find was in the design of the hotel, as the interior simply wasn’t our style. But this is just our opinion and our different taste in style. Apart from that, we can highly recommend the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok!

Location of Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok

The Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok is located directly on the Chao Phraya River, a little south of the hustle and bustle, but very central. With the hotel’s own shuttle boat, which travels regularly throughout the day, you can get from the hotel to the “Saphan Taksin” station in less than 5 minutes. From there you can switch over to the Skytrain or the Chao Phraya Express boats, so you can rest assured that you are well connected to public transport in Bangkok.

Who is Chatrium Hotel Riverside for?

If you would like to stay in a 5-star hotel but do not want to spend too much money, then we can highly recommend Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok. The location is great and all in all, it’s a very comfortable place to stay.

You can book the hotel here: Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok

Chatrium Hotel Bangkok


LiT BANGKOK is a modern 4-star design hotel with a super central location near the famous shopping centres of MBK, Siam Center & Co., yet it is located in a quiet side street.

The rooms are very modern. If you’re looking for a hotel with Thai flair, you won’t find that at the LiT hotel. If you prefer puristic and stylish, then you will find it very comfortable.

The pool is unfortunately not on the roof of the hotel, yet it is great for a rest after a busy day of exploring. Sunbeds spaces are also rare, especially during the afternoons.

Location of the LiT BANGKOK hotel

LiT BANGKOK Hotel is located in the district of Siam. The famous MBK-Center shopping centre and the nearest BTS station (National Stadium) are within walking distances. Siam Centre, Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery are also not far away.

For whom is the LiT BANGKOK Hotel suitable for?

If you would like to do a lot of shopping in Bangkok and stay in a rather stylish, young hotel, then we would recommend the LiT hotel. But the pool area is very small and mostly covered, so if you want to lie in the sun or your kids want to play in the pool, then we would recommend a more spacious hotel.

You can book the hotel here: LiT BANGKOK

Bangkok Hotel Tipps
Lit Hotel Bangkok

Mode Sathorn

The Mode Sathorn is a modern 4-star “high-rise” hotel, located directly on the street of the same name. This particular neighbourhood is home to many hotels, which are clustered nearby. The big advantage: There is a BTS station right in front of the hotel, which is perfect, of course.

The rooms themselves are very modern. We found it a little too modern for our taste, however. The huge panoramic windows are a bonus. With a bit of luck, you might have a similar view as the one we had, which was fantastic to be able to admire the skyline of Bangkok every day. The pool area is very nicely done and you have a great view of the city too.

The location of the Mode Sathorn

Mode Sathorn is located in the Silom area. Directly in front of the entrance of the hotel is the BTS station “Surasak”. From there it is only one stop to the boat dock “Saphan Taksin” (but you can also easily walk the track). From “Saphan Taksin” you can, for example, reach the royal palace super with the Chao Phraya Express boat.

For whom is the Mode Sathorn suitable for?

If you are looking for a very comfortable, modern room in Bangkok then this is your place.

You can book the hotel here: Mode Sathorn

Mode Sathorn Hotel

4. Hotel Tips for Mid-Range Hotels in Bangkok

Room rate: Up to 70 euros per night

Tints of Blue Hotel

Tints of Blue Hotel is an affordable boutique hotel in the Sukhumvit district. As the name suggests, this hotel is dominated by the colour “blue”. But don’t worry, not everything here is dipped in a paint pot, the hotel itself is very minimalist and stylishly furnished: sometimes blue tiles, sometimes a blue armchair, a blue wall or a blue stool.

The decor of the rooms is very individual. There are different room types – some have brick walls, some have tiled floor, some are very puristic and some have an oriental flair. The beds are comfy and the room is generally very inviting. We felt at home from the first moment.

There is even a pool and a mini fitness centre on the roof. Breakfast is served on the ground floor near the lobby, it’s small but nice. All in all, we found the hotel very accommodating. Of course at some stage you come to realise that you don’t get much sleep in those International Hotel Chains. What we mean is, without a bar on the roof or a 24/7 reception, we honestly feel a thousand times better than if we were out on evening shenanigans the whole night.

The location of the Tints of Blue Hotels

The hotel is about 10 minutes walk away from the BTS station “Asok”. To shorten the journey, there is a hotel tuk-tuk service, which brings you to the Sukhumvit Road if necessary. The neighbourhood has everything you need: plenty of restaurants and cool bars (eg. Above Eleven), a large shopping centre (Terminal 21) and public transport to the BTS station.

For whom is the Tints of Blue Hotel suitable for?

If you are looking for a small boutique hotel away from the big, international hotel chains, you will feel very comfortable here at the Tints of Blue Hotel. Our visit was mainly younger people (between 30 and 40), couples and families.

You can book the hotel here: Tints of Blue Hotel

5. Cheap Accommodation: Tips for Hostels and Guest Houses in Bangkok

Room price: up to 30 euros per night

The Companion Hostel

By far our best find for a cheap value-for-money accommodation was the Companion Hostel. Whilst on the look-out for a nice but affordable room with private bathroom, we ended up here. We were two of the very first guests, as the hostel only opened up in late 2017. On our first visit, we extended our stay to a week, because we just felt so comfortable there. Then in February 2018, we found ourselves staying there again! That really says it all, right?

The Companion Hostel is very bright and decorated with good taste. It is full of light and you feel at home from the first moment – but that is also due to the two owners, a young Thai couple. They may be the nicest and most helpful hosts we’ve ever met while travelling.

The only drawback of the Companion Hostel is that a small leather factory is housed in the neighbouring building. During the week (with the exception of Sunday) you can hear the noises of the workers from the hostel. It’s similar to construction noise, but we weren’t overly bothered by it as we are out exploring for most of the day anyway.

Unfortunately there are only three private double rooms in the Companion Hostel. Two of them are on the 1st floor and the other is on the ground floor. If possible, try to get a room on the upper floor, which also tends to be quieter. The rest of the beds are dormitories, but they also looked great and left us a good impression.

The location of the Companion Hostel

Companion Hostel is located in Wongwian Yai district, near the BTS station of the same name. The area is on the other side of the Chao Phraya River and is rather untypical and unknown among travellers. So we were rather skeptical at first, but our concerns faded quickly.

Wongwian Yai is quite authentic and there are some super yummy restaurants here, including our favourite Pad Thai store. In addition, the BTS station is only about 5 minutes walk from the hostel. In just two stops you reach Saphan Taksin.

Who is the Companion Hostel suitable for?

The double rooms are perfect for young couples who aren’t travelling on an extremely low budget and want to treat themselves to a certain level of comfort. We can also recommend the dormitories, especially to solo travellers who are looking for a cheap place to stay. We had the feeling that new friendships were made rather quickly here.

You can book the hostel here: Companion Hostel

The Companion Hostel
The Companion Hostel Bangkok

6. More blog articles from Bangkok from us

Disclaimer: Affiliate Links

This blog article contains our personal recommendations with so-called affiliate links. If you book or buy something through these links, we will get a small commission. Don’t worry, this won’t change the price for you at all and this way, you would be helping us by supporting our work so we can keep creating these articles for you. A million thanks from the both of us!

Of course there are countless other accommodation options in Bangkok. We hope to share some more with you in this article soon. Until then, we look forward to your recommendations and hotel tips for Bangkok in the comments.

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